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Weekly Email 6/6

We have suffered intense weather in the past few days and I’m sure we all know people who have had their homes and property damaged by the storms. The storms of nature sadly mirror the storms our nation is confronting: those afflicted and affected by the Covid-19 virus and communities in our nation and even around the world demonstrating for true justice and an end to the racism plaguing our land. The standing rally in Collingswood has been rescheduled to Monday a 4pm and the march gathering at Haddon and Collings going to Knights Park will be at 5. Many of our congregation will be at the corner of Fern and Haddon. Please bring signs and banners as we demonstrate and advocate for God’s vision of a just society.

The Trinity in Times of Trouble

Tomorrow is Trinity Sunday. It is also the first Sunday of the month, so we will be celebrating Holy Communion together. Please prepare, as you wish, with your own bread and cup. The Trinity expresses the perfect community of God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. As such, they are the perfect example for us, especially in these troubled times.

Social Media and eMinistry

Did you know that each week, your church posts 10 items through our eMinistry — so needed during these troubled times? Please subscribe to our Facebook and Twitter pages and forward our posts to your friends and followers!

  1. Facebook is CollingswoodPresbyterianChurch
  2. Twitter is @Collingswoodpr2

Here is what we offer:

  1. Every day, Monday thru Saturday, we offer a daily 10-minute Morning Prayer service of scripture readings and prayers, bringing us back in touch with God
  2. Our Tuesday Taizé service is posted to give you 30 minutes of quiet contemplation with the Lord.
  3. On Wednesday, we post a link to the 6-minute video we share during our Friday evening Bible Study
  4. On Sunday, we post the scripture and sermon offered during the worship service.
  5. This newsletter is posted
  • Our website is www.collingswoodpres.com which provides links to our online worship and the various recorded services you can listen to anytime. These include a shortened version of our Sunday service, our Tuesday Taizé service, and our daily Morning Prayer services. Give them a try during these unsettled times to bring you closer to God!

Online Giving

We now have online giving facilities provided through the Presbyterian Foundation. If you go to our website, you will see an icon labelled Collingswood PC Online Donations.
On printed materials and emails and even during our online worship, you will see a QR code:

All you need to do is point your smartphone camera at the code and the phone will take you to the giving site to register or donate.
The Presbyterian Foundation does charge a 2% processing fee, which is the lowest of all online payment services. (Venmo does not support businesses or nonprofits)
Of course, we are always glad to receive good old paper checks! Our mailing address is 30 Fern Ave, Collingswood, NJ 08048

Christian Education

We continue our online Bible Studies Friday via Zoom at 7p. Don’t worry if you’ve missed them so far. Each study is self-contained.
We will show the video online and then open up our mic (and cameras if you want) to just discuss and question what was said. All in all, about 30-45 minutes from the comfort of your own home!
Our webpage has links to about thirty studies, which you can binge-watch to your heart’s content at https://collingswoodpres.church/bible-project/
Gretchen is gathering information on our graduation high school and college students. If you have name and photos, please send them to the church email address. We will recognize them next week on Father’s Day.

Pastoral Care

Please let us know if any pastoral or material needs you have, especially during this time. Our church email address is Collspres@verizon.net
Please feel free to forward this email to friends and family members! This is one way to help CPC reach out to our community for Christ!
Grace and Peace,
Pastor Bob

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