The worship of our creator God who became a human being called Jesus of Nazareth and lives in every one of us through God’s Holy Spirit is at the core of our existence as a church community. We gather as a church community every Sunday at 10:30 to celebrate God’s boundless love for us and remember that the example of Jesus Christ is the source of how we live our lives.

Yet worship is not confined to Sunday alone. Every word we speak, every action we take is also worship. We are not “holy” for one hour a week and then “worldly” the other 167. Rather, we demonstrate God’s love — a love we could never earn by ourselves — as our response to God’s gracious decision to forgive us and welcome us back again and again and again.


Our worship begins by gathering as God’s highly imperfect people. We know that it is by remembering and building on our relationship with Jesus Christ and receiving forgiveness for our sins that our God is alive and walks with us every day in the journey we call life.


We hear God’s Word as it is recorded in the Bible. It is read aloud. It is sung. It is preached first to our children. It is proclaimed to adults. Finally, we affirm our faith in the God who made and loves us.


Restored by receiving God’s forgiveness, energized by hearing God’s Word, what else can we do but respond in gratitude with our material offerings and our monthly celebration of the Lord’s Supper?

We go out into the world, restored and empowered to serve the Lord, each other, and ourselves!